Educação e Conhecimento

We are actively involved in the boost of curricular
enrichment, entertainment and family support activities,
from childhood to senior age.

Consultoria e Investimento

We look on a permanent basis to various social problems, seeking to stimulate the implementation of innovative solutions that might
have a significant impact.


Social Innovation

Educoach was established in 2006. Since then it has been active in the education field.

The success and growth throughout 10 years of activity, has made Educoach adopt a new strategy. Currently, it provides specialised solutions in Education and Social Innovation, in a global context, based on values such as relationship, transparency, confidence, flexibility, geographic proximity and on a rapid response to all situations!

We do everything for a society more developed,
more enterprising and more involved in educational
and socially innovative projects.

We focus on boosting curricular enrichment, entertainment and family support activities, from childhood to senior age.

  • Boost of entertainment and curricular enrichment activities.
  • Event organisation (Conferences, workshops, seminars).
  • Curricular plan development.
  • Teacher Training.

We assist in the financial funding and in the preparation of applications to guarantee the success and impact of your project.

  • Financial Funding.
  • Viability Review.
  • Strategic Guidance.
  • Application Preparation.
  • Investment Schedule Support.
Educação e Inovação Social - Finanças e Contabilidade

Our values rest upon relationships, transparency, confidence,
flexibility, geographic proximity, an extensive specialisation
and a rapid response to all situations!

Educação e Inovação Social - Sistemas de Incentivos

We provide a BackOffice service fully integrated and adapted to your project needs.

  • Assignment of a Project Caregiver.
  • Networking.
  • Marketing and Communication.
  • Administrative support.

We provide support and promote entrepreneurial
and social innovative projects with a high
innovation level.

  • Support and financing of entrepreneurial and social innovation initiatives.
  • Boost and promotion of high innovation level projects.
  • Setting and implementation of plans of action.
  • Follow-up of the project from start to finish.

Our objective is to increase life quality
of local communities and to contribute
to a more prepared and dynamic society!


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